Free Swing Analysis

Congratulations you’ve just taken the first step in having the golf swing of your dreams.

Whether you’ve had golf instruction in the past or even taken lessons before at Arkansas Golf Center what you’re about to experience is 14 years in the making. Our instructors have found a way to quickly and accurate evaluate what any player needs to do in our all new “GOLF SWING HEALTH EVALUATION”. Using our new techniques we’ll be able to explain exactly what’s keeping you from you best golf and teach you how to train your body to make a move that’s easy and repeatable.

Please fill out your information on the right side of this page and you will get an email with detailed instructions on how to submit videos of your swing.  

The pictures below are examples of how the video you take should look.  

Face On

Down the Line
Camera should be far enough away to get entire swing

WE WILL TRY TO EVALUATE AND EMAIL YOU BACK YOUR GOLF SWING HEALTH ANALYSIS RESULTS WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS OF YOUR EMAIL TO US. All analysis are done on availability of instructors and not guaranteed. First come first serve. 
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