Driving Range


The Arkansas Golf Center Driving Range

Up to 100 tee spots available
Grass and Artificial Tees open year round to the PUBLIC!
The range has lights turned on after dark for late night hitting or for optimal temp hitting in hot summers
9 covered, climate controlled hitting bays to retreat from wet, hot, or cold weather for year round enjoyment!
One of the country's top-rated public driving ranges!

Public driving range in arkansas
Grass driving range in Arkansas

Our 27-acre, targeted driving range at Arkansas Golf Center is a treat for any golfer. Players can hit year round off real grass or artificial turf. Our driving range is not only the best in the region and state, but it is also among the best in the country. Lights allow golfers to hit at night after work on the short sun days of the Arkansas winter. We also stay open into the night when the sun is just too much during the brutal Arkansas summer. Included on our oasis of golf are 9 covered hitting bays with mister cool fans for extreme hot days and roofs to guard against precipitation. We have pay per bucket pricing as well as monthly and yearly membership plans to make practe affordable on any budget. Our range is a great way to improve your game or get a quick "golf fix" when time doesn't allow for a full round!

Pay Per Bucket Pricing

All are welcome to come out and hit as many buckets as they would like on our 100 tee spot driving range facility!

  • Small = $7.00 - approximately 35-40 balls
  • Medium = $9.00 - aproximately 70-80 balls
  • Large = 11.00 - approximately 105-120 balls


Driving Range Memberships

Monthly Auto Draft Plan -$49.95/mo +TAX

This plan includes unlimited range balls. Members of this plan can hit as many golf balls as they would like daily. If you hit just over 5 large bucket's  a month then this plan can save you some dough. Some of our range members hit over 5 large buckets a week, and we're glad they do!! We love seeing you out here! Funds will be drafted out of member's chosen bank account on a set date each month for a minimum of six months and no maximum.

Yearly Membership -$395/year - AGC BEST BUY!

Patrons can enjoy unlimited range balls for an entire year with only a one time charge of 9. This works out to around per month! So if your a player who intends to hit more than 4 large buckets of golf balls a month then this deal really saves you some dough! A lot of avid golfers would love to afford to hit over 4 large buckets per week!  NOW YOU CAN!

Add your entire family - ONLY $195 PER ADULT OVER 18 - Any yearly member can add their entire immediate family for only $195. Additional family members can include 1 spouse and all children 17 years of age and under.

Great Family FUN! If you're sitting home wishing you had something to do with your family that gets you off the couch and get's you MOVING here's your answer!